EuRob-Engineering GmbH keeps the competence, expirence and the motivation of our teams on a high level. This enables us the keep on the market requirements of  flexibel and highly innovative solutions. 


Our motivated, well trained and high experienced staff ensures best results at any phase of the project and finally at the results. Lean Management from Administration and troughout Assembly keeps the communication and the processing effectiv and without los. The growing requirement of the requested application could only be fullfiled with continuous training of open minded technicans. 


EuRob-Engineering GmbH located in Friedberg close to Augsburg,  is System Integrator for Arc Welding and Handling. We are also KUKA Systempartner. Through very close teaming with our partner we ensure a smooth process management and a high quality level.

- KUKA Roboter GmbH
- Yaskawa Roboter

Welding Equipment

- EWM Hightec Welding GmbH
- Fronius International GmbH
- SKS Schweißtechnik GMbH
- Merkle Schweißanlagen-Technik GmbH